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July 2017
​​July 01: Pastor Bryan Choi "That I May Know Him"

June 2017
​​June 24: Samuel Ntawiniga "Jesus and the Pre-Advent Judgment"

June 10: Pastor Bryan Choi "Follow the Good Shepherd"

June 3: Harvey Burnett "We Have This Hope"

May 2017
​​May 27: Pastor Darrel Le Roux "Impacting Relationships"

May 20: Pastor Bryan Choi "How to Live Like the 144,000"

May 13: Pastor Bryan Choi "The Law and the Prophets"

May 6: Pastor Bryan Choi "Doom and Gloom Prophets"

April 2017
​​April 29: Samuel Ntawiniga  "Jesus Will Come Again"

April 22: Pastor Bryan Choi  "Prophesy Again"

​​April 15: Pastor Bryan Choi  "Prepare for the Harvest: The Cycle of Evangelism"

April 8: Rey Bibit" "Battle Over the Mind: Artificial Happiness"

April 8: Rey Bibit" "Battle Over the Mind: The Fight for Purity"

April 7: Rey Bibit" "Battle Over the Mind: The Battle Ground"

March 2017
March 18: Pastor Bryan Choi  "You Give Them Something To Eat"

March 11: Pastor Bryan Choi  "Seven Locks of Hair"

​​March 4: Pastor Bryan Choi  "Fornication Nation: Sex Scandal at Camp Acacia Grove"

February 2017
​​February 25: Pastor Bryan Choi  "Grumbling & Complaining to the Promised Land"

​​February 18: Lee Welland  "Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?"

February 11: Jon Ruhumuliza  "Why Do We Pray?"

February 4: Rey Bibit  "The Calling Out of End Time Abraham"

January 2017
January 28: Pastor Choi  "The Mighty Angel"

January 21: Kamil Metz  "Total Member Involvement"

January 14: Pastor Choi  "Is Nothing Sacred?"

January 7: Kevin Paulson  "The Lighthouse"

December 2016
December 17: Lee Tripp  "The Mystery of Godliness"

December 10: Pastor Choi  "Emmanuel, God With Us"

December 03: Vicki Griffin  "How Important is This Message?"

November 2016
November 26: Pastor Choi  "The Baptism of Fire"

November 19: Lee Tripp  "Eating at the King's Table"

November 12: Joel Nephew  "Life is Short"

November 05: Pastor Choi  "The Blueprint pt 3 - God's GPS"

November 05: Pastor Choi  "The Blueprint pt 2 - God's GPS"

November 04: Pastor Choi  "The Blueprint pt 1 - War in Heaven"

October 2016
October 29: Pastor Choi  "What's In Your Wallet?"

October 15: Pastor Choi  "Naaman's Skin Condition"

October 08: Andy Im  "You Lie"

October 01: Harvey Burnett  "Back to the Basics"

September 2016
September 24: Laurie Snyman  "Frankly I Just Don't Care"

September 17: Sheldon Seltzer  "I'm Sorry"

September 03: Pastor Choi  "Who is the Greatest?"

August 2016
August 27: Jay Gallimore  "Christ in You"

August 20: Pastor Choi  "How to Have Family Worship"

August 06: Leroy Bruch  "Why Me, Lord?"

July 2016
July 30: Bill Dudgeon  "The Earth Helped the Woman"

July 23: Pastor Choi  "How to Live Longer"

July 9: Pastor Choi  "How to Keep the Sabbath Holy

July 02: Stephenie Bailey  "No, Don't"

June 2016

June 25: Pastor Choi  How to Find Mr. or Mrs Right

June 18: Rey Bibit  Jesus' Statement to His Church

June 11: Samuel Ntawiniga  Jesus Wept

May 2016
May 21: Pastor Choi  The Two Witnesses

May 14: David Paño  Here I Am

May 07: Rey Bibit  The Undelivered Message

April 2016

Apr. 02: Brian Norton  Who Are You Choosing?

March 2016

Mar. 26: Ada Mendez  This Same Jesus

Mar. 19: Pastor Choi  Who Then Can Be Saved?

Mar. 12: Jim Howard  High Time

Mar. 05: Pastor Choi  The Sufferings of Job & the Great Controversy

February 2016
Feb. 20: Pastor Choi   Dare to Be A Daniel

January 2016
Jan. 30: Pastor Choi   Credible or Incredible?

Jan. 23: Alexander Bormotov   God Has A Plan For You

Jan. 16: Pastor Choi   7 Reasons Why Evangelism Matters

Jan. 9: Justin Ringstaff   Jesus Will Stand Up For You

Jan. 2: Lee Trip   A Testimony: My Spiritual Journey

December 2015
Dec. 12: Pastor Choi   Unlock Revelation: Unleash the Power of Prophecy

November 2015
Nov. 28: Pastor Choi   Giving Till It Hurts

Nov. 21: John Markovic   Faith or Presumption?

Nov. 14: Brian Norton   The Grand Reunion

October 2015
Oct 24: Horst Mueller   Why Do I Need a Savior?

Oct 17: Pastor Choi   What On Earth Are You

Oct 10: Justin Torossian  Mighty Weakling

Oct 03: Pastor Choi   On Holy Ground

Sept 26: Pastor Choi   A Tale of Two Dragon-Powered Beasts

Sept 19: Pastor Choi   Totally Possessed

September 2015
Sept 05: Brian Norton   WDJD

Aug 15: Pastor Choi   Facing Your Life's Record

Aug 08: Dr. Norman McNulty    Are You Ready?

Jul 11: Pastor Choi   The Inconvenient Present Truth

May 2015
May 23: Pastor Choi   This Same Jesus